The History Of The FCCA.

A Proud History of Excellence in Service.

The FCCA is a national organization that came into being during a meeting of State Foresters and their radio technicians in Washington, D.C. in 1944. For over four decades, we coordinated frequencies within the Forestry Conservation spectrum. Today, over 50 years late, we continue to coordinate ALL public safety frequencies, including those in the 700/800 MHz and Microwave bands. We provide a full range of radio communications services for forestry and conservation agencies, police, fire EMS and local government.

Staying Strong with Active Member Participation.

We encourage our members to become ambassadors for the best use of the radio frequency spectrum. Through active participation, the FCCA will continue to represent public safety professionals to effect positive change!

Doing More by Providing Services to Non-Members.

Our strength as an organization lies in coordinating frequencies for use in local and wide area systems for both members and non-members. We also offer a variety of engineering and administrative support to give you a total package of services. When you use FCCA services, your business helps us to help you.

How the FCCA Helps Members.

  • Provides over 150 years of collective experience in radio frequency coordination.
  • Assists in system planning, coverage studies and frequency searches.
  • Represents membership to FCC hearings and their advisory organizations.
  • Supplies essential information regarding FCC actions.
  • Liaisons with all public safety radio service organizations.
  • Conducts an annual conference with a unique opportunity to discuss wide and local area radio issues.
  • Aids in interoperability planning.
  • Offers one-stop shopping for all of your frequency needs.
  • Accepts FCC applications electronically, accelerating the process.
  • Eliminates costly paper by offering secure on-line credit card transactions.

How Non-Members Can Benefit from FCCA Services.

We coordinate frequencies for ALL public safety entities. We will perform a search for usable frequencies and assist you in applying. We will even fill out the form! All you have to do is call (717) 398-0815