FCCA Objectives and Services

  • Aggressively pursue efforts to improve and promote spectrum efficiencies through the use of technologies and best management practices.
  • Acquire and coordinate frequency authorizations for eligible government agencies in the Public Safety (PW) radio pool.
  • Assist members in mitigating radio frequency interference.
  • File petitions and comments with the Federal Communications Commission representing the Associations common perspective.
  • Aid members in incorporating Homeland Security measures and interoperability plans into department/agency procedures.
  • Disseminate relevant information concerning Public Safety radio operations.
  • Foster and preserve cooperative efforts among all radio service organizations.
  • Convene conferences providing members and guests, a forum to communicate regulatory, technical and budgetary concerns with other member and federal agencies; obtain latest information concerning federal rule changes; conduct general business and regional meetings and, explore advancements in technologies with potential applications for member agencies.