Submit FCC License Application

Get the ball rolling when you submit a request to FCCA. You may submit your requests for work, quotations, license applications and changes to the Forestry Conservation Communications Association using our online tool — FreqEasy. This online program uses coordination tools and electronic filing products from FreqEasy, LLC. You can prepare, modify, and submit your radio license application and frequency coordination requests to us using a free online version of “FreqEasy.”

The use of FreqEasy requires a login and password that is available from FreqEasy LLC. You may request login credentials by calling Michael Hutton at (717) 479-3858. Questions about services, fees, and assistance in the preparation of an application are available by contacting the FCCA at (844) 458-0298.

For email inquiries, please include your name, company name, phone number, and email address with your requests or information. For written inquiries, please include your contact information and send the request to:

FCCA National Office
122 Baltimore Street, Suite 7
Gettysburg, PA, 17325
Toll-Free: (844) 458-0298
Fax: (717) 778-4237

We look forward to being your coordination partner in licensing your systems. The use of FreqEasy requires a login and password that is available from FreqEasy, LLC.

Contact us today to access our Submit FCC License Application portal and start connecting with your partner agencies. We proudly serve forestry agencies, first responders, and local governments across the nation.